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Here are some items from the past that the passage of time has forgotten, until now. I hope to add many more relics to this page in the future.



This spoon is over fifty years old or older. The old house site I found it at hasn't been touched in that amount of time. The spoon is made of copper and once had a silver plated finish.



This is a solid zinc Ball jar lid. They were produced in the 1920's to 1930's. The inside has a ceramic seal, that a wax or rubber seal was applied against it. There is a little history about this lid. It was used to seal a jar that once held moonshine. I found it at a 70 year old bootleg whiskey site my uncle carried me to. He said, "as a young boy, he helped his grandfather make the whiskey." I told you can learn a lot about the past.

army pin

army pin back

The shield with stars are the insignia of the U.S. Army Adjutant General's Corps. This information was sent to me from Rick Scott. Thankyou Rick for the information, the time you spent finding it, and for e-mailing it to me. For more information on the shield, please click on the link that Rick provided also.


Girl Scout pin.

Age is not known for this Girl Scout pin. I don't have many relics, so I'm placing it here for the moment.

What is it?

This was found in an old field beside my grandmothers' old homestead. The field has been there since the 1930's. I forgot to give credit to my cousin "Red", he owns the field now, and was the one who gave me permission to hunt it. It appears to be a bowl. It is made of copper and has a silver plate finish. It has a small hole drilled in the bottom. I found no kind of markings to identify it. It's about 2" wide, 2" high, and about 2 1/2" long. Tell me what you think it could be.

Thanks to Louise Plank, I know now what the above object is. It's the radiator cap of of a Model T Ford. Thank you Louise for the information. For more information on the above picture, click on the picture to go to the site that has a complete picture of the above item.

What is it?

All I can tell you about this is that it seems to be a copper lid. Off of what, I don't know. It could be the lid to a snuff container, cereal box lid, or to a can of powder. If anyone has an idea about what it is, please let know. Thanks.

 watch cover?

wqatch cover? inside view.

I think this is the cover to an old watch. On the inside it's stamped DUERER SILVERINE. If you know what this is, let me know. Thanks.
(Hi, I came across your site and was looking at all of the treasures you had posted.  On your Relics page, there is a mystery object that you assume is a watch case; labeled as DUERER SILVERINE.  Well, you are right about it being a watch case.  However, the correct name is DUEBER SILVERINE.  I guess that B was worn down quite a bit and looked like an R.  Use Google on the web or your favorite search engine and you will find bunches of references to Dueber Silverine.  Hope this helps. Brett White)
Brett, thank you for the inforamtion you have provided.

Relic hunting is another fun way to learn about history.