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Bottles, Containers, and Jars, Oh My!
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Here are a few bottles that I've found over the years. I hope to continue to find different bottles to add to this page. Please give time for the images to load, as they are large, to show details. Thanks.

Sumter Dairies two quart milk bottle.

I found this milk bottle at an old barn. I'm still doing research on the bottle.

One gallon Pepsi-Cola Fountain Syrup bottle.

This is a one gallon Pepsi-Cola Fountain Syrup bottle.
It was bottled in Long Island City, N.Y., Louisville, Ky., Oakwood, California.
Mixing insructions for the product is: one ounce of syrup to five ounces of carbonated water. That's how it would have been prepared at a Soda Fountain.
Below are the two different types of caps that I've found on the two bottles I have.

Two different types of Pepsi-Cola caps.

Patio:From the Makers of Pepsi-Cola.

This is the bottle that caught my eye. I was very young when Pepsi-Cola produced this line of beverages. I remember their Teem soda, which was lemon/lime and in its own green bottle, but I never saw this bottle.
Patio was produced from 1964 to 1975. The flavors were, orange, strawberry, grape, and root beer. They also had a diet Patio, that was the fore runner of  Diet Pepsi. This bottle was made around 1970 to 1972.
Thank you Christopher Weide and Mark Pietka for all the information you gave me on this bottle.

Ball fruit jar.

This is a Ball fruit jar. It was used in the preserving of fruits. The color of the glass is called (Ball Blue). The closing device is a wire clamp. It clamps the glass top into place, sealing the jar. Circa:1923-1933.
I bought this one from the flea market for two dollars.

ACL (Applied Color Labels) 
Soda/Pop and Milk bottles have their labels painted on and then baked, so they last for a long time on the glass surface.
Usually, one or two, and some times three color are used in the process.