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Stainless Steel Supplies


From ammo to zippers and everything in between, you'll see it on this page. Thanks for looking.


Here is some spent and live ammo that I've found. Not in the middle of fields or wooded area as you would expect. The scary part, all of this was found in park and school playgrounds.


Here are a few keys found here and there.

lock with key.

I found this lock with the key still in it. I goes to show that people loose all kinds of stuff.


Here is a watch I found. It still works.


Here are some zippers.


Buttons, buttons, who's got the buttons. I find lots of these everywhere I search. Some new, some old, you never know what you will find.

dog tag

Here's a dog tag I found. The dog was named Dixie. It registered as a half dollar on my detector. It was about 3" deep.



Toys, charms, you find all kinds of stuff.


Sometime's while detecting, I find a marble or two. Here are ten that I found at an old house site. They are worth collecting, because they are a part of our history. These were made after 1930. They are marbles from a Chinese Checker's game. They are common, not worth much. The information was provide by Alan and a good site he has on th web. You can click on the picture or the banner on the links page to visit his site. Check it out if you have the time. It's a good source of information on marbles.

I hope to add more to this page in the future.