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Jeff's Metal Detecting Site.

How I got started.

How I got started.
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"All I ever seem to find at the beach are pull tabs."

I was 10 years old when I got my first metal detector. All I can remember about the detector.... it was yellow, made a lot of noise, and good for finding nails and scrap metal. When I grew tired of it, I took it a part with a screw driver. It never worked again, but it was more fun doing that, than finding nails and scrap metal.

When I grew up, I bought a Micronta 4003 VLF Metal Detector from Radio Shack. I found a couple of pennies and a few drink can pull tabs. It wasn't much of a metal detector either. So I quit the hobby, again.

It has always been in the back of my mind that I wanted to be a weekend treasure/relic hunter. One evening, about three years ago, I was watching the news. There was a commercial break, and a White's Metal Detector commercial came on. The commercial made it look so easy to find stuff. I called the next day for a free catalog. After getting the catalog, I looked through it and went to a local dealer. I decided on a detector, then I started saving my money to buy it. Several weeks later, I purchased a White's 5900/Di Pro.

The first time I used it, I found $2.00 in change and a toy car. After that first hunt, I returned to places I had hunted with the VLF detector, and started finding all kinds of stuff with my new detector. Coins, jewelry, relics, anything metal. I was hooked and the commercial was right, there are treasures beneath the soil to be found, where ever you search.

Jeff at the beach metal detecting.

This picture is 99% accurate. The 1% that isn't, if you look closely at the cloth hanging from my apron, it's the wrong color. Ha, Ha, Ha, just kidding. The art work shown here is a caricature done by Peter Battaglioli. As you can see, he is a very good artist. Thanks Peter.

Need an instruction manual for the Micronta 4003 VLF Discriminator Metal Detector?

Go to ( Click on (Product Manuals), then click on (Fun & Games) in the lists that comes up. Next, select (Metal Detectors) in the list that comes up. Last, click on (630-3003) in the catalog list for the instruction manual for the VLF Discriminator Metal Detector.