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This page is for all types of coinage.

American clad, foreign, and other types of coins/tokens are displayed here.

New Dollars.

It's still up in the air if the people of the U.S. will except the new "Golden Dollar". They are a good find though, as you can see, I've found seven so far. The designer of the coin is Glenna Goodacre. She won the honor with three different designs. The one with the baby added was the top winner. The young lady who modeled for the image is Randi L. Teton. The image on the front of the coin is a representation of Sacagawea, a Native American who guided the Lewis and Clark Expedition to the west in the 1700's. Other than Susan B. Anthony, she is the only other non president to be represented on an American coin in recent years, with the exception of the state quarters.

Kennedy half dollars.

The above coins are Kennedy half dollars. After his death in 1963, the public wanted Kennedy honored by placing his likeness on a coin. The half dollar was selected. It currently carried the likeness of Benjamin Franklin/Liberty Bell.That design was introduced in 1948. The coins new design was done by Gilroy Roberts and Frank Gasparro. It was issued in 1964, as standard silver. In 1965, the silver was reduced to about a third of what it use to be, making it a silver clad coin. 1971, the silver was removed and the coin was stuck as clad. In 1976, a quanity were struck again as silver clad. The back of the coin was redesigned for the Bicentennial also. The next year, the coin returned to its standard design and clad production.

Below are some of the foreign coins that I've found. They are always a good find.

1 cent Canada

5 cent Canada

The two coins above are from Canada. Top one is a 1 cent with two maple leafs on it. It is made of bronze. The second coin, is a 5 cent with a beaver on it. It is made of nickel. Both coins carry the image of Elizabeth II on the opposite side (not shown). G D REGINA are also inscribed along with the portrait of Elizabeth II.

new penny

new pence

5 pence

10 pence

The four coins above are from Great Britain. The first is a 1 new penny, dated 1973, made of bronze. The second coin is a 2 new pence, dated 1971, made of bronze also. The third coin is a 5 pence (reduced size), the earlier ones were larger in size. It is made of copper/nickel and dated 1990. The fourth coin is a 10 pence, dated 1992, made of copper/nickel also. All four coins carry the image of Elizabeth II (not shown), and are also inscribed with the date and D GREG F D.

500 yen

The above coin is from Japan. It is a 500 yen. It is made of copper/nickel. The image is of the Pawlownia flower. On the other side, it is inscribed 500 yen and the Japanese charaters that represent the date and other information.

The characters that reprsent the date on the coin, are the names of Japanese leaders of the country during the time the coin was minted. Click on the above Japanese coin picture, to go to a very informative page on Japanese coins.

Thank you Shan Marie for the information.

1 peso

500 peso

The two coins above are a 1 new peso and a 500 peso. The first coin is made of a stainless steel outer ring with the inner part made of aluminum/bronze, and dated 1992. The second coin carries the likeness of Francisco Madero (not shown). The inscription "Estados Unidos Mexicanos" translates in English " The United States of Mexico".

1 franc

The above coin is from France. It is a 1 franc, dated 1970, and made of nickel.

25 cent

The above coin is from the Netherlands. It is a 25 cent, dated 1980. It's made of nickel and also carries cock & star privy mark. The other side is inscribed with the image/inscription of Juliana Koningin Der Nederlanden (not shown).

Spanish coin front view.

Spanish coin back view.

Above is a gold coin, front and back view. I found it at Cherry Grove Beach, South Carolina, Summer 2000. It was a spectacular find. I carried it to a coin expert, and found out that it was a reproduction. It wasn't real. Everything that glitters isn't always gold. But it still was a nice find. Maybe the next one will be real.

Golden eagle token.

The coin above, I call it "The Golden Eagle". It was in a sandy area where I found it. When it came out of the sand, I saw this eagle with a sheild, encircled by stars, It had the prettiest yellow shine also. I new that I had found a gold coin! I turned it over to see the other side, written in big letters, NO CASH VALUE! It was a token. Still, it was an exciting find, even if wasn't a gold coin.


This is a commemorative coin of the 25th anniversary of the Trinity Broadcasting Network.