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Who designed the image of Roosevelt on the American dime?

There are some people on the web, that are claiming that Selma Burke was the designer of the Roosevelt dime. They are incorrect.

I'm here to set the record strait.

Selma Burke was a very gifted sculpter. She created many wonderful pieces of art. But she did not design the image of Roosevelt for the dime.

The main fact that the others are leaving out, is that Selma Burk never worked for the U.S. Mint. She was never commissioned by the U.S. Mint, to create any images for any coins.

She did a bronze plaque of President Roosevelt, facing left in profile, in 1944. That's all.

President Harry S. Truman unveiled the plaque at the Hall of Deeds, Washington D.C. in 1945, five months after President Roosevelt's death.

Now for the true facts about the dime.

John R. Sinnock was the artist who was commissioned to designed and engraved the image of Roosevelt for the dime. That is why his initials are on the dime.

John R. Sinnock followed one simple guide line set forth by the U.S. Mint, to sculpt an image of Roosevelt in left profile, the same as the Jefferson and Washington profiles that were being used on the nickel and quarter at that time.

Lincoln on the cent, is in right profile, because the coin is made of a different metal than the nickel, dime, and quarter.

As you can see in the image, at the bottom of the page, of the Roosevelt dime and Roosevelt on the plaque, they are different in artist styles and designs. They may look similar, but that is as far as they go.

John R. Sinnock worked for the U.S. Mint as an artist and engraver, Selma Burke did not.

If you can't take the truth, then you shouldn't be reading this page.

Rossevelt dime and Roosevelt plaque images.